Story 1

Although 2019 has been a very challenging year for this family, they will spend today being thankful they can enjoy dinner together in their new home. Earlier this year they became homeless and found it necessary to live with other family members for a time. As a result of the move they lost furniture, and much of the children’s clothing and toys. However, these parents are determined to provide a stable home for their four children. They have been working with The Northwest Project, attending classes, and working toward a secure future for their family. Both Mom and Dad have recently begun new jobs but will be working at a reduced pay rate until they complete job training. They have made paying off their debts a primary goal. Their combined salaries will cover basic household expenses but, at this time, they do not have the funds needed to provide Christmas gifts for the children.

The oldest children in the family are girls ages twelve and thirteen. They are both in Middle School and enjoy drawing and other art projects. For large gifts one girl would like a bicycle and the other would like a phone. Phone service is already covered by the parents plan. Their eight year old sister has Down Syndrome, requiring a feeding tube and supplemental oxygen. Gifts that are suitable for her abilities include a doll with purple clothing and play food or cookware. The only boy in the family, age five, has asked for a remote controlled dinosaur. However, Mother says any toy relating to trucks or dinosaurs would make him happy. Practical gift ideas for the home are bath towels, twin size sheets and dishes.