Story 6

Mom has been employed at the same job for over four years and enjoys the work she is doing. However, she earns slightly over the cut-off for receiving any government assistance except Medicaid for the children. This salary covers the family’s basic living expenses but doesn’t allow for extra expenses. The oldest child, a thirteen year old girl, is involved in school sports. Paying the various fees has been financially challenging. However, the biggest financial burden is the large amount of attorney fees Mother owes due to a recent divorce. Occasionally, Mom works a second job, but that is difficult to do with four children needing her attention. Paying bills instead of buying Christmas gifts is a priority for Mother this year. Her gift list for the children closed with these words, “Thank you so much. You have no idea how much of a blessing this is to my children and I. It’s released so much stress from my shoulders”.

Shoes and workout clothes are the Christmas requests for the thirteen year old girl. She’s an excellent reader and would like mystery books. The only boy in the family, who just had his eighth birthday, has asked for a bicycle, kinetic sand and a bean bag chair. Also celebrating a November birthday is his sister, now seven years old. A bicycle, baby doll and anything horse related are on her gift list. The youngest girl in the family will be one year old just a few days before Christmas. Mother has requested learning toys and clothing for her. If a donor would like to provide practical gifts for the family, sheets, towels, and cleaning supplies are needed.