Story 5

On her application for holiday assistance Mother wrote, “We are a single income family with two children, a fifteen year-old daughter and twelve year-old son. My husband makes just barely too much to get government assistance, so there are times when we barely have any food. Our weekly bills are just about his whole check every week. If he misses a day being sick, we get behind on everything.” Mom goes on to explain other financial issues facing the family. Their only transportation, a small van, needs $300 in repairs and they have not been able to afford getting it fixed. Dad is dependent on friends or other family members to get to work. Recently Mother has been diagnosed with heart problems. This health concern and the unpaid medical bills are additional stresses for these parents.

Despite all the financial concerns there is much happiness in the home. Both children are very good students who enjoy reading and being involved in school activities. The fifteen year-old sings in the high school choir and needs black flat shoes for concerts. She hopes to eventually train as a nail technician and would like a nail design kit. Her brother participates in a boxing program and has a wide variety of interests, ranging from science projects to building with Legos. Both children would like bicycles or weighted blankets for Christmas. The only gift suggested for the parents would be jeans for Dad to wear to work. Mother especially requested that we include this note from her. “Thank you so much. We are so grateful and appreciative of any kind of help that we might receive. I pray that God bless, and the Good Lord’s will be done”.