Story 26

Receiving a $1 an hour pay raise was welcome news for this single mother, except it means she is no longer eligible for food stamps or Medicaid. She works full time, but notes that after medical insurance premiums are taken out of her pay check “any remaining money goes straight to bills”.  Child support for the three children has been ordered but it not being paid. Her mother used to assist with the children, babysitting when needed and helping financially when she could. However, she has recently had back surgery and is now needing help herself. Many days Mother uses her lunch break to check on grandmother.

Cooking and baking are activities the family enjoys doing together. Mother described how they purchase pumpkins when they go on sale after Halloween. From one pumpkin they make four pies for the family Thanksgiving dinner. No doubt this family tradition is the reason the six year old girl has requested an Easy Bake Oven with accessories for Christmas. A My Life doll and Hatchimals are other gift ideas for her. The eight and nine year old boys would both like to receive remote controlled cars and nerf toys. Mother said it “would be amazing” to receive a stand alone mixer as a special gift.