Story 25

This is the first time these older grandparents have come to the Holiday Center at Crosslines seeking Christmas assistance for their three grandchildren. Grandmother and Grandfather have been the adoptive parents of eight year old twin girls and a four year old boy for most of the children’s lives. The children’s school recommended the family for Share Your Christmas, mentioning how kind and respectful the children are. Grandmother also told Share Your Christmas about how helpful the children are, carrying groceries for her or getting Grandpa a glass of water. Grandmother certainly needs as much help as possible as she is not only caring for the children, she is also helping her husband. Grandfather has cancer and is currently receiving in-home care from hospice. Knowing that donors from the community will be providing Christmas gifts for the children is one less worry for these grandparents during a very difficult time.

For Christmas the twin girls would both like a camera and a My Life doll with clothing. Fingernail polish and the “Babysitter Club” books are additional gift ideas. Little brother would be excited to receive a Duplo fire truck and any Spiderman or Big Hero 6 toy. The children need clothing, including coats and warm pajamas. Both Grandmother and Grandfather would like sweat suits and socks. Gifts for the home include a coffee pot, towels, Tide detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.