Story 21

On her application for holiday assistance Mother told about the series of events which has caused them to need help this Christmas. The problems began when a young driver sped through a red light hitting the family car and injuring Dad.  Fortunately Dad’s injuries were not life threatening. However, they left him with neck and back problems. He tried to continue working but was unable to do the heavy lifting his job required. He found temporary work but that position ended in early November. In order to help with the family finances, Mom has found part time employment. She is hopeful that she will be given more work hours as her skills at the job increase. Dad continues to work with a job placement agency in his efforts to find work he can physically perform. Recently the family has added the need for car repairs and tires to their list of problems. Mom writes, “Right now unfortunately we are just at a tough place in our lives. Our children are ages eight and four. They are such great kids. They know we are doing the best we can and that times are tight. My husband and I hate having to ask for help but we know this Christmas won’t be much for them if we don’t. We are trying and we are so grateful. God got us this far and He’ll get us the rest of the way.”

The eight year old boy would like a Pacman K’nex roller coaster building kit, a game for the 3DS, or a skee ball video game. He collects Hot Wheels and likes small angry bird or hedgehog toys. Little sister, age four, has asked Santa for the pink Owleez interactive pet or, if the elves can’t find that toy, the V-Tech Myla the magical unicorn is another option. She likes Olaf from the movie Frozen, pretty necklaces and strawberry lip gloss. Both children need shoes and the girl would like something warm and dressy to wear to church. The parents’ only requests were for water filter refill cartridges, laundry detergent, paper towels, and toilet tissue.