Story 2

Also celebrating Thanksgiving in their new home is a single mother with a seven year old daughter and four year old son. She wrote this about their situation. “Almost two years ago we were homeless and living out of my truck. Last year we secured temporary income based housing. While living there I went through additional training and secured a higher paying job. This year we moved into our first real house. For the first time in years I am paying bills on time and in full. Last month my truck was broken into; the person broke the automatic shifter that is needed to drive with. I have been working to save up the money to pay for repairs. Over the last month I have had to rely on rides to continue my employment. With saving for repairs, still paying all the bills, and compensating for rides we have no extra money in our budget for holiday festivities.” Like the family in story #1, Mom is working with The Northwest Project and attending classes on budgeting, home maintenance, and other skills needed to be a successful home owner. If she receives help from a donor Mom says, “My kids will be able to enjoy our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home. We will be very grateful.”

A “girly girl” is the way Mother describes her seven year old daughter. This girl likes unicorns, princesses, and anything pink and sparkly, but has requested a remote controlled car for Christmas. Definitely a young lady with many interests! Little brother, age four, likes to help Mom around the house. Legos and a train set are gift ideas for him. He especially likes bow ties and suspenders and insists on wearing them even to preschool. Hopefully Santa can find a new tie and suspenders to add to his wardrobe. Right now the children’s beds are covered with layers of throw blankets. With winter weather approaching, sheets and a warm comforters for twin beds would be a most welcome gift.