Story 18

A donor who is willing to shop for practical Christmas gifts such as clothing and bedding is needed for this family. Grandmother has been raising her four year-old grandson since he was born. She recently moved from another state to Springfield so she would be closer to family members. The first house she rented had a cockroach problem and, despite spraying by the landlord, the problem persisted. Grandmother has found it necessary to move to a temporary home with other family members until she can afford the fees for a new rental house. She suffers from arthritis, so the physical activity involved in these moves has been very painful for her.

A twin bed was donated for her grandson but there are no sheets, comforter or pillow for his bed. There is a special need for winter clothing and boots. Grandmother also wrote that she has few toys for her grandson. She has a very modest income from Food Stamps, Disability and TANIF. On her application for holiday assistance Grandmother wrote, “I’m doing the best I can but it’s been a tough year for us”.

Suggested gifts for the grandson include a bicycle and a remote controlled car. He also likes PJ Masks and play-doh. Grandmother would like a warm blouse or sweater and winter boots. Laundry detergent and hygiene items are always needed.