Story 17

Major health issues are going to make providing Christmas for five children especially difficult for this family. Mother has suffered from severe kidney disease for many years and is facing major surgery to remove diseased kidneys. She will then be on dialysis as she awaits a kidney transplant. The surgeries will take place in St. Louis, and Mother’s main concern is how much she will miss the children while she is away from home. Despite her compromised health she has completed an Associate Degree and is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness. One of her professors commented on what a dedicated student Mother is, continuing her course work by computer during her frequent hospitalizations. Dad works full time and helps with the children as much as possible. They receive a small amount of Food Stamps and Disability. However, it is difficult to make their income stretch to purchasing Christmas gifts. In addition, Mother just doesn’t have the energy needed to shop for the children this year.

This is a blended family with boys ages eleven, seven, and six, as well as girls ages six and three. As a large gift this year the children would like bicycles or tablets. All three of the boys like Pokemon, Legos, and Star Wars. The six year-old girl is a bit of a tom-boy, who likes horses and doesn’t want pink, frilly clothing. However, the three year-old girl loves sparkly, girly clothes and would like a stroller for her doll or anything from the movie Frozen. Mother needs warm winter clothing and a comforter or electric blanket for their bed. A gift card so Dad can purchase work boots would be appreciated.