Story 14

Having never sought Christmas help before, Mom and Dad were worried about how they were going to provide a few gifts for three small children. Fortunately they learned of Share Your Christmas and how our generous community assists families in need. Like the family in the previous story this Mom and Dad have recently had two foster children placed in their home. They have already legally adopted their three year old foster son, and hope to eventually be the permanent parents of girls, ages eighteen months and three months. The children are brother and sisters so Mom and Dad would like to keep the siblings together. Mother has been employed by the same company for almost twenty years, usually receiving thirty hours of work a week. Finding a licensed child care provider that will accept foster children has been a challenge. She contacted every provider in a fifteen mile radius before she finally found a place for the children to stay while she is at work. Dad has a great many health issues, is diabetic, has had multiple back surgeries, suffers from severe arthritis and is in constant pain. He’s applied for disability but that case is still pending. Due to his health problems he is unable to care for the children for long periods of time.

The preschool teachers report the three year old is a very bright little boy and should be challenged by toys suitable for an older child. Suggested gifts for him are an electronic learning pad, monster truck and fishing pole with a tackle box. For the eighteen month old girl, a Leap Touch learning activity would be an appropriate gift. She especially likes to watch Dora the Explorer and Scooby doo cartoons so, a Dora doll or stuffed dog would bring a smile to this little face. Mother has listed the 4-in-1 Super Seat, a car seat cover and a Little Tyke toy box as gifts for the baby. Clothing and diapers are needed as the children are growing quickly. Mon and Dad could use some winter clothing and would appreciate a coffee maker, twin sheets for the boy’s bed and crib sheets for the little girls.