Story 13

Both Share Your Christmas families in today’s paper have recently opened their hearts and homes to young children needing foster parents. The Mom and Dad in family #13 are busy parents, juggling work, college classes, and raising their own three children, a boy age three and girls ages eight and five. Dad is working full time in the building trade while Mom is attending Ozarks Technical College, with the goal of transferring to Missouri State University to complete her degree. She also finds time to be a volunteer leader with her children’s activities. When it became obvious that the mother of their two young nieces was unable to care for her children, Mom and Dad agreed to be foster parents. Eventually they hope to be allowed to adopt the girls. The oldest of the foster children is eighteen months old and is an active toddler. The youngest child was born in mid-October. She has club feet which has required bones to be broken at the ankles and corrective casts placed on the feet. As the baby grows there will need to be frequent changes of casts to correct this problem. Mother admits that it is challenging to suddenly have two more children in the family. However, she says, “They are worth every bit of the extra work”.

The older girls, described by their teachers as sweet, well behaved children, like baby Hatchimals, Barbies and anything Disney or Jojo Siwa. Cars, monster trucks, and super hero toys are gifts suggested for the only boy in the family. A baby doll, books, and toddler toys are requested for the one year old. The baby needs a tummy time mat, and suitable car seat. Clothing for all the children, sheets for the older girls’ beds, shampoo, and diapers are practical gifts needed by the family.