Story 10

After being out of work for almost three months, Mother is very grateful to have found a new job that she enjoys. Although some evening and weekend work is required, it is worth the complicated schedule to have a steady income. Right now she is trying to catch up on past due bills. Currently she is receiving TANIF and food stamps but, with employment, TANIF will cease and the amount of food stamps will decrease. As a single mother who receives no child support, it has been a struggle to keep bills paid and purchase the school clothes and supplies the children need. References describe Mother as a “hard worker just trying to make ends meet for her children”.

The oldest child, a fifteen year old boy, keeps asking his mother when he can get a job so he can help with family finances. Mother, however, insists that his school work is more important right now. For gifts he would like a charging dock and new game for the PS4. Like his older brother, the thirteen year old boy has requested a game or accessories for the PS4. A Friend’s Lego set or any Barbie playset are on the Christmas list for the ten year old girl. Little sister, age five, would like Santa to bring the Rainbow Surprise by Poopsie doll. She also likes to play dress-up and collect Shopkins. Mother’s very modest request list includes laundry detergent, towels and an onion chopper.