Story 9

When filling out her application for holiday assistance, Mother wrote this about her family situation: “Well, we’ve never received extra help for Christmas. This has been a tough year for us. We went from two incomes to one because of our son’s medical needs. It was a last resort but after years of trying other options than surgery, our son had g-tube (feeding tube) surgery. He is autistic, has failure to thrive, oral food aversions, sensory issues, and is in special education for part of his days at school. …My husband and I have always worked until our son started having health problems. I had to leave a job I loved and take care of my son, my priority. ….We’re having to do a lot of adjusting, humbling ourselves and putting our pride away and ask for help.” Mother went on to explain how she spends many hours a week taking their son, age six, to medical appointments and therapy sessions. She also has health problems and, since she has no health insurance, pays all those bills herself. The parents are aware that, due to his special needs, their son receives a great deal of their time and attention. They are making a special effort to spend more time with their three year old daughter. Mom notes that really all kids need is “your time and love, which they receive unconditionally, but it would be amazing if our kids woke up Christmas morning to gifts.” The family is active in their church and have begun attending Financial Peace University classes offered by the church. Mom ended her application in this way, “We believe God will provide in some way. Maybe it will be through people. He knows what we need and we trust that He will provide”.

Thomas and Friends Super Station and Legos are the toys requested by the six year old boy. The little sister would like a baby doll and a tea party set. Both children need winter clothing, including warm pajamas and boots. Practical gifts for the family, such as laundry detergent, paper products, or winter shirts, would be appreciated.